Other considerations

· Grants and subsidies: Both public & private Schools who wish to hire Matthew and his Drums, are eligible for Grant money to cover 70% of the cost. Call now for details; or check back soon for interface updates to this aspect!

Pricing: is determined by calibrating the number of drums, the size of drums, the distance to event and the duration of event. As the above factors vary greatly (for customers in this vast province) please describe you event and Matthew will issue a fair and transparent price quote.

· Matt’s Music Centre: Matthew has had 100s of one to one drum set students:

– And please see the following list of the other instruments taught here:

· Recording, Performance and Music Business: Matthew is a Full Time Music Producer: so he sings, plays (& also teaches) piano & bass as well as drums and percussion. Click the video below to hear his newest “Stunning” music production!

· Contact tel: 1 236 478 7326 or 1 250 507 6155. Email: drummingsolutions [at] gmail.com
· Thanks: to parents, teachers, schools & business contacts for authorising several pictures & quotations herein.