“Having you teach drumming at our school was a great experience for the kids and for me, they seemed to remember so much of what you taught them so that was great to see! I learned a lot of things over the last three days and would like that to continue.” – L. Hall Music Teacher, Northridge Elementary.

“Matthew has the incredible ability to get students learning to the point where they can perform after a few sessions … and the students responded very well to the experience.” — C. Sullivan, VSB Artist in Residence Coordinator.

“Matthew took great care in planning the lessons, scouting the space and ensuring that every detail was attended to prior to the lesson date.” — R. Gowdy, Vice Principal Tilicum Annex.

“Thanks so much for all the work you did with our grade 2s. The students really enjoyed it and what was then shared with the whole school today was fantastic.” – M. Conklin, Teacher Charles Dickens Annex.

“I was impressed by his passion and enthusiasm for his discipline, skill at leading the group and informative instruction that included historical and cultural references for the instruments and rhythms.” — A. Andersen, Dept Head Queen Margaret School.

“Matthew’s enthusiasm is motivating to students from 5 years old and up. I would highly recommend Matthew to enhance any school’s music program.” – A. Baty, Principal Saseenos Elementary.

“Matthew’s Drumming Events deliver specialized resources and a qualified style of classroom teaching. He modified his program to suit each grade level, ensuring all students experienced both the technical and cultural aspects of playing the djembe.” – K. Kosolofski – Music Teacher, Happy Valley School.

“Matthew has excellent written and verbal communication skills, and is extremely organized and reliable. Great initiative with a very positive attitude!” – K. Arnot, Principal Sooke Elementary.

“Matthew’s lessons include an area of special knowledge, techniques, and resources that are way beyond my expertise as a general classroom teacher. It is so refreshing and exciting to see that such instruction is available to schools, to enrich their music programs.” – R. Standley, Teacher Sooke Elementary.

“Matthew communicated easily with middle school students and had them ‘in the palm of his hand’ for the entire time.” – L. Bjorklund, Music Teacher Journey Middle School.