Other considerations

· Grants and subsidies: Both public & private Schools who wish to hire Matthew and his Drums, are eligible for Grant money to cover 70% of the cost. Call now for details; or check back soon for interface updates to this aspect!
· Recording, Performance and Music Business: Matthew’s other business is called Music Placement Solutions – click to see and see & hear the cutting edge of recorded-drumming!
· Drum Set lessons: Would you like to improve your Drum Set skills?? Please see this Video:

Matthew has taught over 500 students of the Drum Set; and amazingly he has studied with Thomas Lang, Francis Seriau, Mike Sturgis & Paul Elliot – who are all WORLD renowned teachers!!

· Contact tel: 1 250 642 5476  email: drummingsolutions [at] gmail.com
· Thanks: to parents, teachers & schools for authorising several pictures & quotations herein.