Pro-D, Staff Training & Corporate Eventing

Matthew Hodgins will provide you first class Professional Development: he brings the perfect knowledge base to achieve the best results! Here is how Matthew’s Drumming Workshop will inspire, engage and unify your team during a session:
– Harmonic Teamwork: is explored through leadership, communication & listening.
– Stress Reduction: by way of a therapeutic activity proven to increase wellbeing.
– Energize & Motivate: by way of an EXCITING & uplifting activity; and having fun w/ colleagues.
– Stimulate Cognitive & Physical Function: participants get a refreshed perception of themselves, and their role at work.

Here is what you all will take away from the session:
– An atmosphere of celebration in the workplace;
– fond and productive memories;
– socio-economic & emotional health; and
– a determination to improve & work better!

The key word here is facilitator. Matthew will guide you to (a significant form of) success, and he will unite you all for a wonderful moment in time. Crucially though, at Drumming Workshops Canada the ‘Drumming Workshop’ is a COMPONENT in Staff Training: Matthew will slot in to your Event in a professional and collegiate fashion and Matthew does not overpower your expertise – he will adhere to his skill set. Conferences and Staff Events are multi disciplinary, so Matthew works with all your experts. That’s teamwork right?