Centennial Sq. 2017

The City of Victoria has asked Matthew to conduct 10 workshops inclusive of *all abilities, across summer 2017 at their Centennial Sq. stage location. For these sessions, Matthew will draw upon: his experiences with Master West African Djembefola (Djembe Players) & his 16 years of qualified teaching.

Each session will begin with instrument tone basics, and it is expected that the group will utilise drum cues, layers and syncopated stops by the workshop culmination. The session will give a solid introduction to West African traditions, and also be an opportunity for experienced players (albeit patient ones).

Matthew has been surrounded by Djembe music for over 25 years, performing and recording with traditional ensembles in Vancouver, and London UK; and recently studying with Mamady Keita, among other great players! Matthew has also had notably success abroad – with South American music, which as many will know bears striking resemblance to Djembe tradition.

Have you got a good drum? Please bring it! 15 drums will be supplied – first come first served/ 15 or more seated places are available. If you are coming please see the above video!

12 pm start on June 2, 9 & 16, July 21, August 4, 18 & 25, Sept 1, 8 & 15

Matthew composed & performed ALL instrumentation [inc. vibes, bass, djembe drums & percussion] for this cool production below:

*Disclaimer: Participants should to be able to grip drum with legs, and Hodgins’ instruction on these occasions will be for 2 hands. Participants must be able to control supplied instruments during session (or damage will incur).

Advertisements for this “Centennial Sq. Drumming” might not encompass all end user’s requirements, and this limitation is because of the ad’s cost, space & appearance. An unwritten caveat applies to the “all abilities” terminology presented in public, which then prioritises the care of Matthew’s privately owned instruments. EVERYONE will be welcomed at the “Centennial Sq. session” but Hodgins cannot guarantee to adequately serve those with special learning needs at short notice, or for the full duration of event.

Got a question? Please email or phone ahead:   drummingsolutions[at]gmail[dot]com